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Pagan Irish

by Eoin Duignan

  1. Steal Away (Morag's Return)
  2. The Grand Flotilla: The Deer's March / Lovely Charlie
  3. Pillage & Plunder: Drops of Brandy / O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick
  4. Tuathe De Danann: Jenny Picking Cockles
  5. The Three Sisters / The Healing Well
  6. Arrival of the Fianna: Lord Mayo / Old John's Jig
  7. Dolar Durba, The Young Prince of Leinster
  8. Tribute to The Prince of Ulster
  9. The Final Battle, The Death of Daire Donn
  10. Lament For Daire Donn
  11. Last Man Standing
  12. Reflection: Marguerita Waltz

Pagan Irish CD by Eoin Duignan

Pagan Irish
by Eoin Duignan